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Pavel Kyral CEO

About Us
We have been in the "brick and mortar" business since 1977 and in "online" business since 1997. We have a network of specific websites devoted to the individual subject or theme. Therefore you as a customer will be able easily find the information you are looking for without being distracted by something which would only interupts your concentration and has nothing to do with  the object of your desire as it is on most websites.

This website is devoted only to Calidad inks, toners and Calidad products. This website is owned by FEELINGOOD company. We have been using Calidad Products since 2003 with great satisfaction. On the base of this first hand experience we have made the decision to help promote Calidad as Australia's No.1 supplier of alternative Inkjet Cartridges and Refills.

Calidad was established by Managing Director, Mr Robin Kenyon in 1975. With its headquarters in Sydney, Australia, Calidad started business marketing printer and typewriter ribbons before expanding into Inkjet supplies in 1994.

Responding quickly to the growing gap in the market, Calidad developed a low cost quality alternative to the highly priced Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) products. The Calidad range of quality Inkjet products cover every major printer on the market. Calidad's goal is to save consumers money by providing a quality  low cost alternative to expensive OEM Inkjet consumables.  The Calidad's Products are covered by Calidad Limited Warranty - Australia

Besides Australia, Calidad also has dealers and distributors in North, Central and South America, Europe, Middle East and Africas.

Also remember that Printer Warranties are still valid if you use a compatible ink cartridge and printer manufacturers cannot (by law) void your printer warranty because you have used  compatible ink cartridges !



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